Creating an integrated Colombian cacao production platform

Environmental management - a top priority

Sustainable plantation systems to ensure land productivity while improving ecosystems

  • Locally and internationally recognized environmental guidelines
  • Certified cacao production
  • ​ESG and impact assessment reporting
Rigorous project management approach

Strong governance ensures timely and efficient execution

  • Continuous execution measurement and control
  • Structured procurement processes
  • Comprehensive and transparent reporting systems
  • ​Proactive decision-making process
Social inclusion and development innovation

Social enterprise enabling smallholder cacao farmers to improve their incomes and well-being
  • Independent joint ventures with farmers' associations
  • Financially sustainable and competitive business model
  • Far-reaching social impact

Sustainability - the corporate principle driving our strategy to improve ecosystems and communities

Sustainability strategy provides numerous benefits 
  • Increased operational resiliency 
  • Sound community relations
  • Robust impact measurement and ESG reporting systems
  • Broader market access 
  • Improved value chain efficiency
  • Socio-economic and environmental stabilty